Hello, I am Alexander Tateosian. My goal for the next four to five years is to earn a major in the school of business to become an accountant and eventually get a CPA. Since my major focuses on numbers and reports detailing what the data collected means for an individuals’ success, I feel that my writing skill and writing in general is going to be important. I know that I may not be the best writer but I can try with my best effort. When I think about my writerly self when the course started, I originally had no clue what it was. Now, I am beginning to understand what it is.

To visualize what my writerly self is not an easy task. I had to think about the way I write, what my best areas in writing are, and compare this to anything else I do outside of writing that follows a similar pattern. What came to mind were two pastime activities tennis and music.

In my free time, I played the trumpet since elementary school and eventually taught others to play for a few years. I also played tennis for the same amount of time. I usually played either against my friends in a round-robin tournaments or with them on the varsity team. I enjoyed playing the trumpet and tennis and I knew I was not the best or the worst but strived to become better by practicing constantly and trying my best to match what perfection I yearned for.

Getting back to the point, When I think about my writerly self or my writing, I imagine it being similar to the mindset I had for my hobbies. So to do this, I continue to improve my own techniques, styles, and quality so I can be at a level further or higher than I was at before.