Herstory reaction

The stories that were brought to my attention during the herstory seminar were something I never had experienced before. I experienced the multiple tragedies and harrowing stories of these writers’ lives of which they had suffered immensely to no end. Each writer had an experience they felt was worth sharing, whether to conquer a fear or struggle. There are stories of physical abuse and mental tragedy. These adults live day by day with their own stories and continue to bear this enormous burden by sharing their story to everyone. What structed me through all of this was when this occurred which is close to my own age and after or during college. There were parts of the presentation that were very dark and moving. With each writer, I learned of their personal struggle with money, body image, and abuse. in each story, I can visualize and remember vividly the phrases that stuck with me. I feel bad for these writers but at the same time, I admire their courage for sharing their story for their own empowerment and the benefit of others. These stories highlight major issues for women, people of color, and the less-affluent. But the second half of the summit was very uplifting. The founder of the Herstory Movement mentioned why she did the Herstory project as a way to get people to write in order to overcome these obstacles in life, and she wants to inspire others in the same situation to write as well. After witnessing these stories, I see that this was a great way to do overcome each of the writer’s trauma and I think this is a great way to inspire others to support them and bring attention to them.


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