Am I A Writer?

Am I a Writer? That is a very interesting topic that I have heard time after time. I am not sure how to answer this question because it is complex for me in for many reasons. While thinking about this, I know that I am not focusing on becoming a novelist, journalist, or a poet which are some of the numerous professions of writing careers and I had a tendency to avoid anything involving writing all together like the plague. However, I realize the overall importance of writing as of right now and that it is sometimes feasible depending on the topic and something not to avoid.

To answer this question, I would say that I am an undeveloped writer that has a lot to learn from. After this class I learned two Important things. One of them was to write freely on whatever it may be and explain why. This is important to me because I rarely did write freely on things because I thought it was incorrect and casted doubt on myself. The other thing is that I learned how to write properly by analyzing more rather than just restating the facts of something in a summary which I usually did. I could tell that as of now, I have improved the way I write and interpret more productively than I had done in the past. So, even if I do not become a writer there will be a time when I may have to write for jobs, or reports or basic communications at some time down the road and it will be as if has been waiting for my return to continue where I left off.


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