Heroes of the Frontier #7

Embarking on a journey and eventually approaching the end typically causes one to reflect on what they have experienced and learned from their voyage. However, for Josie this journey has been a rollercoaster of thrill and horror of which there is no clear indication that she has learned nothing at all except for discovering her new faults and the fact that she has been ignoring reality by running away and putting her family at risk in the process. In the last moment before the end of her Alaskan journey, Josie and her kids are put into a risky situation by being in a potential avalanche. There are two reasons why Eggers decided to show this moment. The first is a rarity to see Josie try to be physically active now rather than throughout the journey. The other reason is to show the fate Josie encounters through her life, joy then sorrow on an endless cycle. I agree with the second reason as opposed to the first because there are moments where Josie is active although it is rare occasion to see.
There are two memorable events that occurred during the journey that has caused Josie to show her authority whether if it was with her own issue or with Paul and Ana as a mother and be in charge. The first is the magic show Josie, Paul, and Ana attended in the beginning of the story where, “Josie clapped and hollered. He was wonderful. … trying to singlehandedly make up for their sickening lack of enthusiasm. Why come out to a magic show If you don’t want to be entertained.” (Eggers 68-69) So, in this example, Josie become active instead of usually doing nothing by becoming the motivation and stand out figure.
Another occasion was after the forest fire, Josie and her kids took refuge in the manor they thought was abandoned or whatever Josie thought but were caught by the owner for trespassing. “We’re running to the Chateau. Any second. Ready? … Now, and they sprinted out of the woods and across the lawn and towards the Chateau. … Josie opened the cab door and threw Ana inside. … She closed the door, threw the key in ignition and started the engine She threw it into gear and the Chateau lurched forward.” (Egger 225-226) This scenario, does show Josie active as opposed to being in her usually lazy way and focusing more on protecting her kids instead of herself.


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