Heroes of the Frontier #6

Is it possible to combine the bane of someone’s existence with something you love? The answer to this question varies. For some they can manage it where as others cannot physically or emotionally accept both as one common thing. In Josie’s case, I do not think she can combine the two into one.
For Josie, she has multiple problems that come up in her life. Josie’s original issue was her past so she decided to leave and remove her kids from their accustomed daily life by dragging them across this baring landscape, Alaska and nearly put them into harm’s way on a few occasions. For example, she nearly drove them into a forest fire, trespassed into another person’s home and fled like criminals when caught fearing the repercussions, and having the whole trip nearly blowing them all up in the process by leaving the gas on. In this example, Josie demonstrates her inability to combine her initial problem with the normal life she had by running away.
Now, the new problem Josie has is her kids and trying to combine it with the peaceful nature of Alaska. Why she has a problem with her kids is because she has this idea that, “Goddamn them, her terrible rotten children, robbing her of so much, giving her everything and robbing her of everything else.” (Eggers 259) This skewed though of her children is disturbing since she brought them against their will and she should know the responsibility of raising kids comes with a burden.
The first instance of her neglect to merge the issue and nature is when she experiences nature on her own and says, “The greatest night. The beauty of this nowhere world. I love this. Where are my children/ Can I love this without them? I can an I do. This is my best life. Among this beauty, on my way to them?” (Eggers 258) Instead of trying to combine her issue and the scenery of Alaska, Josie refuses to do so and enjoys her peace for herself as a way to get away like she did with her last problem.


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