Heroes of the Frontier #4

What does it mean to stay? Does it mean physically not being able to move from any location –a home— or is it restraining yourself from changing your decisions to the slightest. In pages 151-200 we get to infer about what it means to stay for Josie and potentially David Eggers.

For instance, we see Josie escape her surroundings to remember her past in Panama where everyone she met has moved and will continue to do so. From this, she says “We change! We change! And virtue is not only for the changeless. You can change your mind, or your setting, and still possess integrity. You can move away without becoming a quitter, a ghost.” (Eggers 154) This virtue refers to the prior concept about homes in which people are better if they are in a stable environment instead of being in a constantly changing one. However, it appears that for Josie this value of home is everywhere instead of being restricted to only a certain group. With this in mind, it seems that this is a way for Josie to at the very least, justify herself leaving with her kids coming and going from new places both strange and familiar.

Keeping this in mind, Josie was in an accident where she saw a “unholy white light.” (Eggers 155) After this accident, Josie had a change in where she is and “planned exactly how she would leave Sam and Homer … a quick exit.” (Eggers 160) After reuniting and being in a comfortable place with Sam, this accident reawakens Josie disturbing fascination to leave once more when there is a great risk of side effects of trauma or injuries from her accident.


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