A New Start

After a lot of time and consideration, I chose to change my blog’s name from A Place to Call Home to A Writer’s Zone. This new name came to me after multiple ideas that did not capture my true intention of the blog itself and what purpose it has that I believe should be invoked by looking at it. When I first created my blog, and named it A Place to Call Home, it had the intent of following the theme of the course –home—and also being a place where it would be considered a home for my writing, and is a comfortable location to write at any time. So, the new name A Writer’s Zone follows the same principles mentioned prior. However, the new factor in the name is how it reflects myself. It has been about half a semester since I created this blog and I have responded to a lot and as a result of this was my growth in my writing style and writings. So, to reflect that change and keep its original meaning intact was not simple and what came from is what I am now a better writer in a specific zone which functions as a place similar to home.


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