Heroes of the Frontier #3

In the pages 101-150, Josie reaches her main destination on this Alaskan voyage, her stepsister’s –Sam’s – house. Over the course of the visit, Josie comes to a complexity of what she is doing for her family and what her sister has done for hers and why is there a difference. The main difference is that one home is in a secure, stable environment while the other happens to be in unsettled, constantly moving environment. This issue originates from the situation both characters are exposed to one being Josie’s Chateau which is a mobile home and Sam’s log cabin which is a solid home.
The first difference is how the kids were raised. When seeing the twins, Josie notices their “eyes dark and bright and intense and laughing.” (Eggers 119) The emphasis on the joy present in the twins’ eyes grabs Josie’s attention because she has never seen this in Paul or Ana except in moments were Paul takes care of her. This difference allows one to infer that a home with stability is better at enforcing joy instead of a mobile home which causes burdens to be placed such as being responsible always.
Eventually Josie comes to a ‘reality check’ when she notices something that she has never seen before in Paul, “something in his eyes echoes Josie’s own thoughts about this home: it was warm and solid and made Josie’s family existence in the Chateau seem utterly irresponsible and cheapened their humanity.” (Eggers 142-143) The sudden appearance of what she wanted her kids to have all along while in the Chateau shatters her whole thoughts and gives her concern of whether she is doing something right for her kids. This fact also proves that it is better to live in a solid house than a mobile home.


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