Heroes of the Frontier Blog #2

It is expected that if a person suddenly changes any habitual lifestyle whether it may be in their line of work, home, or part-time hobbies there will be moments where disappointments occur while pursuing new things. In Josie’ case, she wanted to change by relocating her family, herself, Paul, and Ana, to Alaska to start anew but faced some disappointing setbacks.
The initial disappointment appeared when she called everyone she had met was a coward. Josie is disappointed that she has seen only cowards in Alaska. This alludes to her purpose of going to Alaska is to get away from the cowards and into people who are brave.
Another disappointment Josie constantly faces on her journey is her memories from the life she left in Ohio. For example, there is an incident that occurred in Paul’s school most likely around the time Carl and Josie split up. She received a letter which said “each student whose parent can’t be at school day events is “adopted” by a parent who can be.” (Eggers 53) This is disappointing for Josie because it puts this label on her that she does not have time to spend with her kid and fails the responsibility to care for them. How this relates to the reader is the common habit of trying to do everything and have people critic you every time about not doing one thing while covering everything else.
An additional disappointment that Josie faces is with the journey into Alaska itself. For example, while driving towards Homer there was an odd odor which grew in smell and was concerning that made Josie to take her kids out of the potential exploding chateau. (Eggers 93-94) This is a disappointment because instead of starting a new life which was the primary reason for leaving for Alaska it almost ended quickly in an explosion. How this relates to the reader is that there are moments when people try to get away from bad luck only to have it come back and affect them later.


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