Heroes of the Frontier Blog #1

The nature of Home in Josie’s mind is an “untraceable” and “untrackable” place where no one can find her including her ex who is the father of her kids whom left her, Carl. So, based on this definition of home, Josie suggests taking her kids in an R.V. in Alaska with no cell phone and only bringing 3,000 dollars of cash with them to be at home. A trait that Josie tries to find in a home is a place of “brave men” instead of “cowards.” Clearly there has been some sort of event, which is learned to be Jeremy’ death who she helped commit, that has contributed towards Josie’s decision into leaving for Alaska.
Another value of home that is established is the idea of a safe-haven for Josie to escape from the cruel reality of her life by running away and start anew. This argument is seen throughout in many of her personal asides. One of them is with her ex Carl. In this case, she regrets having spent all the times that she made him believe he was funny by laughing in pity and the lack of work he contributes to the family. Another conflict in her life was with a patient, Evelyn, who sued her for everything including her business regardless of the service she performed in relaying her the news of her life-threatening disease. The lasting factor that she cared the most about was the death of Jeremy who was a soldier who wanted to build hospitals and schools in Afghanistan.

The last nature of home is the most common thing any parent has which is having kids or loved ones with you. Josie looks at her kids and mentioned how they had no similarities to her appearance which saddened her but still adored them. In Ana she enjoyed her restless spirit and how she had to strength to continue after having an onslaught of medical issues such as being born premature at five months. In Paul, she liked how responsible, smart, kind, and honest he is to Ana or to Josie herself.


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