Pre-Writing project #1

  1. What appeals to you about this object? Why did you select it?

It seemed interesting to read or learn about the importance of the statute which seems to be not only a memory from the 1930’s but it retained its importance over the next eighty years.

  1. What type of object is it?

It is a newspaper article with a picture of a replica-statue of a “Marly” horse from the Harbor Hill talking about the restoration of one of the antique statues.

  1. What aspect of the object will you research?

The history behind the horse statue and the reactions in the article about the restoration of the statue, the Roslyn community, and the history of the MacKay and Hechler families .

  1. Describe the material nature of the object.

It seems to hold memorabilia and great importance for not only the harbor hills residence in the early nineteenth century but also the Roslyn community.

  1. What’s the provenance of the object? What part of Long Island is it from? What date was it made?  Who is the maker?  Who/what is the subject?

The statue was originally created between 1910-1920 for the Harbor Hill mansion. After the house was demolished, the statues were separated where one was in a resident’s backyard which was later relocated into the Gerry Pond Park in Roslyn around 2013. The other statue was not so lucky since construction workers almost destroyed it had George Gach a local sculptor not noticed it and recognized value which he recommended be put in front of the local High School for public display. The two statues were made by   

  1. What was the intended distribution of the object? Personal? Public?

The statue was most likely intended originally in the 1910’s to the 1920’s for the Harbor Hills owner Clarence Mackay for his elaborate garden but nearly one-hundred years later, it was outside for public observation in front of the local Roslyn High school.

  1. What does this object suggest about home during the period it was produced?

That on long island, some houses were built with sophisticated aspects that reflected their lifestyles and celebrated their achievements and success. Another theory is that it could hold values of the lifestyles and serve as a long memory for people to gaze upon which will remind them of the deeds that they did.   

  1. Is this object exceptional for its time?

Yes, this object is exceptional not only for surviving for all this time but for being well-known through at least three different generations of citizens and complete strangers.

  1. What’s the real story of the object? How does its story correlate to your own thoughts of home?

When I think about home, it is cars or my car in general. So, this statue which is around for about one-hundred years it has the same nostalgic moment for myself which I have with cars. A constant presence contributes this feeling everyday which both objects have in common. Mine being in or around a car and for the everyday Roslyn citizen seeing the statue either in a park or in front of the local High school. 

  1. Does encountering this object make you think differently about home?

No, it does not because its value that I see in it is similar to what I see in my own personal object of home.


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