The Power of Talk

The main topic of Sherry Turkle’s Reclaiming Conversation was the impact of the era of technology on family life. One of the major points that Turkle mentions the typical family life as it normally is “at dinners, school trips, family meetings.”(105) However, she mentions that these values have been impacted as a result of the increase in technology. In most dinners both parents and kids out of habit look  at their phones constantly and are having conversations which use to be face-to-face at the same time with friends through texts or email. As a result, Turkle believes that an important resource in these conversations is lost which is “join in conversation is to imagine another mind, to emphasize, and to enjoy gesture, humor, and irony in the medium of talk.”(105)

Another result of the increase in technology can help families reconcile more than before although it could do the opposite. In other words there is a chance that it can cause  isolation. One of the examples Turkle gives is an interview with Alli. The change for her was the installation of  flat screen television. Instead of bringing her family together it did not cause any change in the family life style and Alli still relies on anonymous Instagram to seek advise while her parents are on their phones. It seems that although technology has created this issue it cannot undo what it has caused.


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