1.0-1.3 short summary

1.0- In this section, Kevin Roozen describes writing as an activity of social and rhetoric topics that each writer focuses on. To Roozen, there are two important features of writing. The first is that a majority of writers are engaged in the importance of a topic to the audience and by this, usually in most readings, the writers’ “draw on the experiences of people no matter how isolated they are.” The other important feature is the connection between the writer and his/her audience

1.1- Heidi Estrem describes writing as a way of “mulling” over a problem rather than perfecting the text itself. Estrem furthers her point by saying, “identified writers, bloggers, and academic researchers” all experienced new ideas from their writings. By understanding this notion, people will engage in more purposeful writings for various purposes.

1.2- Unlike Heide’s description, Andrea Lunsford describes writing as both a “relational and responsive” conversation. Lunsford’s idea is that there is a classic triangle in writing which consists of a writer, the speaker, an audience, the receiver, and the text, the message. Lunsford mentions that there is a common trait between readers and writers which is the need to imaging themselves the roles placed on them, writer onto reader and reader visualize the role from the writer.

1.3- In this section, Charles Bazerman’s idea of writing is that writing communicates the writer’s emotion, purpose, thoughts, state of mind to their readers to be interpreted in their own way. Bazerman believes that writing can provide the motive and guidance to shape the communication between writer and reader which will develop into many different forms and will continue to develop through life. However, this idea has a downside which is that most of the time with the different expressions some people may not respond well and it can be risky. In addition, there is a possibility that some writers hesitate what they expressed and may withhold things that can be a risk.


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